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Machine Capacity List

Engineering Centre

Center Lathes
  • 1 x MEGABORE Oil Field Lathe – 3m between centres x 1200mm swing complete with Auto Cycle Threading and Hydraulic copy attachment with full Digital Readout on X & Y axis. This unit has a 14" (355mm) spindle bore with double chucks.
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  • 1 x Centre Lathe - 4m between centres x 1050mm swing.
  • 1 x Centre Lathe – 3m between centres x 710 swing.
  • 1 x Centre Lathe – 2m between centres x 520 swing.
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Universal Milling Machine
CNC (Computerized Numerically Controlled) Equipment
  • 1 x TOP AVM Angelini CNC 2- Axis Lathe Centre, 500mm bed x 350mm swing.
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Boring Mill
  • 1 x Horizontal Boring Machine 1250mm table, 2000mm between posts, 1600mm high, 80mm spindle with Digital Readout.
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Drilling Machine
Cutting Saw
  • 1 x SM. Drilling Machine – Morse 2 Taper
  • 1 x Harp U-330A Automatic Bandsaw maximum dia 330mm
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Hydraulic Repair Centre

  • HCS-60-L-CE-EX Hydraulic Cylinder Stripping Platform

Maximum Cylinder Length - 34 ft. (7.32 m)
Maximum Cylinder Diameter – 20/30 ins. (609 mm)
Maximum Available Torque - 60,000 lb/ft. (8300 kg/m)
Maximum Cap Torque - 25,000 lb/ft. (3458 kg/m)
Maximum Rod Extraction Force - 6 Tons
Rod Extraction Speed - 4 ft./16 secs. (1219 mm/16 secs.)
7 RPM Hydraulic Nut Runner Produces 4000 lb/ft. Torque (553 kg/m)
Electric Pump - All Voltage, 50/60 Hz - 3 Phase, 7 1/2 HP
Push Button Pendant Control with 30' of Cable
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Hydraulic Test Bench
  • 1 x Hydraulic Test Bench complete with Thermo Control for testing of the following: Hydraulic Pumps and Motors, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Control Valves, Hydraulic Steering Units & Pneumatic Cylinders and Control Valves. 5000 PSI MAX Pressure.
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Hydraulic Portable On-Site Testing Equipment
Ultra High & Low Pressure Pumps/ Chart Recorders
  • 1 x Hi-Force pneumatic 0-45,000 psi pressure test unit complete with high pressure hoses and assorted autoclave fittings
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  • 1 x 0-6,000psi Hi-Force hand pump and high pressure hose
12-24 hour chart recorders (Individual Stand Alone)
  • Various pressure recorders, 0-500 psi, 0-5,000 psi, 0-15,000 psi, 0-20,000 psi and 0-25,000 psi
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Digital Pressure & Temperature Chart Recorder
  • 1 x Crystal 15,000 psi Nvision digital pressure & temperature chart recorder
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Flow Meter
  • Webtech Flow meters from 10 bar–600bar pressure and flow rates from 5 LPM – 400 LPM c/w with Pressure/Flow/Temperature readout
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Hydraulic Press
Torque Multipliers
  • Enerpac 1½” Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench S11000 up to 14,905Nm
  • Various torque multipliers, manual and hydraulic up to 9,000Nm

Fabrication Centre

Profile Cutting
  • 1 x Burny 25 CNC ESAB Twin Torch Profile Cutter with Magic Eye HL 90 tracing system 3000mm x 1500mm

  • 1 x WK-150 Portable Profile Cutter c/w 1.5 of track

  • 1 x Yukwang Circular Profile Cutter. 100 to 1000mm per minute
Horizontal Welding Manipulator
  • 1 x Automatic Horizontal / Vertical Variable (0.5 – 3 R.P.M.) Welding Manipulator (diameters ranging from 32mm – 700mm; 5m length)
Bore Welders
  • 1 x Magnetic ID 25 Eutectic Castolin Internal Welding machine from 50mm – 450mm, External 25mm – 170mm
  • 1 x Sir Meccanica Rotary Bore Welder.
Welding Equipment
  • 1 x Lincoln CV400-1 Amp Welding Machine.
  • 1 x Modweld 300i amp AC/DC MIG/MAG/TIG Welding Machine.
  • 1 x Lincoln DC 600A Arc Welding Machine (ordered)
  • 1 x LN 9 Lincoln Wire Feeder unit (ordered)
  • 1x K930 TIG module (ordered)
  • 1 x SG qalloy MIG Spool Gun (ordered)
  • 1 x Magnum Alloy MIG module (ordered)

    Pre-Post Heat Treatment
  • 1 x Weldotherm 82kW Heat Treatment Plant c/w Accessories
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On-Site Line Boring
  • Sir Meccanica Line Boring Machine (The latest equipment available)

The machine is equipped with an electronic control panel with diagnostic display
Tool holder shaft diameter mm 60 ( 2,36 in )
Tool holder shaft length mm 4410 usable mm (n° 3 connectable bars (1500mm+1500mm+1500mm)
Boring diameter mm 42 - 800 ( 1,65 in - 31,50 in )
Welding diameter mm 42 - 800 ( 1,65 in - 31,50 in )
Welding technology spiral (continuous with variables)
Longitudinal stroke mm unlimited with step of 250 mm (9,84 rotation motor mm c/c (ce compliant)
Feed motor c/c (ce compliant)
Feed system mm electric-mechanical
Output torque at the bar mm 820 nm (143 rpm)
Max rotation speed rpm 143
Feed rate mm/rpm 0 - 0,30 ( 0 - 0,01 in / rev )
Max feed speed (w/rapid button) mm/min 105
Removal materia cm³/min 75
Drive unit
Miller- 273 Amp Mig/ Mag/ Tig Welding Machine
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On Site Milling & Drilling
  • 1 x Portable Milling Head with variable speed controller up to 250mm diameter x 150mm travel
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  • 1 x Centre Lathe -4000mm between centres x 680mm swing
  • 1 x Centre Lathe -1750mm between centres x 350mm swing
  • 1 x Pehaka Automatic Bandsaw maximum diameter 260mm
  • 1 x Cylindrical Linishing attachment for polishing rods from 20mm – 200mm x 4000mm long


  • 1 x 60mm Lens Bore Scope with 200 foot umbilical. Captures colour stills and video footage.
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  • 1 x 20mm Lens Bore Scope with 100 foot umbilical. Captures colour stills and video footage.
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Shadow Graph Equipment
Other Equipment


  • Quality System Certification Harlequin International (Gh) Ltd is the first company of it’s kind to be awarded with the ISO 9001/2008 certification in Ghana via D.N.V Det Norske Veritas.

    Through Harlequin International (Gh) Ltd accreditation to ISO 9001: 2008, it provides customers the assurance that all systems, procedures, products, and personnel training, meet the exact quality standards.
  • Testimonial We made initial contact with Barry Williams, he gave us a tour of his shop facilities; and we were astounded that a shop of his quality existed in this area of the world. Jim Haley Operations Administrator, Atwood HUNTER
  • Testimonial I have personally found Harlequin International to be 100% professional in my many dealings with them over the last three years. Barry Williams also has the ability to make you feel that you are his only customer and always has time to answer questions and explain his processes. Derek Duncan Rig Manager, Ocean Rig
  •  Testimonial Again, thank you for the prompt and professional response, I only wish other suppliers around the globe operated in the same manner.  What you have created is a true first class operation.