Line Boring Transocean Marianas Anchor Winch Drum Line Boring Repairs


Line Boring

Transocean Marianas Anchor Winch Drum Line Boring Repairs

Over the past few weeks HIT has carried out repair work on an anchor winch drum (weighing 20 tonnes) from the Transocean Marianas Rig. Work carried out was line boring of the main shaft bore which involved the following: 
  • Assessment of actual dimensions against original drawings and new parts
  • Pre-machine of bore
  • Internal diameter weld to build up bore
  • Machine bore to size, making sure correct machine surface is achieved
  • Weld up of main shaft and grinding 380  diameter x 2500mm long
  • Assemble unit, with drum shaft
  • Clean and refurbish gear teeth
  • Manufacture of transport frame
  • Repair of damaged shaft by outside diameter welding and machining to size.
The assembled winch drum and repaired shaft were dispatched to Takoradi on 18th October 2012. Total time taken to repair was 15days in comparison to Winch being exported which would take 90+days and would also include costs such as freight etc.


  • Quality System Certification Harlequin International (Gh) Ltd is the first company of it’s kind to be awarded with the ISO 9001/2008 certification in Ghana via D.N.V Det Norske Veritas.

    Through Harlequin International (Gh) Ltd accreditation to ISO 9001: 2008, it provides customers the assurance that all systems, procedures, products, and personnel training, meet the exact quality standards.
  • Testimonial We made initial contact with Barry Williams, he gave us a tour of his shop facilities; and we were astounded that a shop of his quality existed in this area of the world. Jim Haley Operations Administrator, Atwood HUNTER
  • Testimonial I have personally found Harlequin International to be 100% professional in my many dealings with them over the last three years. Barry Williams also has the ability to make you feel that you are his only customer and always has time to answer questions and explain his processes. Derek Duncan Rig Manager, Ocean Rig
  •  Testimonial Again, thank you for the prompt and professional response, I only wish other suppliers around the globe operated in the same manner.  What you have created is a true first class operation. 

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