Hydraulic Repair

Although we specialize in hydraulic cylinder repairs, Harlequin’s HYDRAULIC REPAIR WORKSHOP has in-house capabilities of repairing and testing hydraulic pumps, motors as well as pneumatic equipment.  If it uses hydraulic oil, Harlequin can repair it.


The hydraulic repair workshop is equipped to offer the following services: 

  • Strip, assess, repair, assemble and test hydraulic cylinders, pumps, motors as well as pneumatic equipment
  • Static and dynamic testing (with and without load) is carried out with digital and analogue
  • Chart recorders
  • On-site testing facilities are available

The repair process is quite simple:

  1. Contact our sales staff to confirm if your unit is one that we can repair.
  2. Send us your unit.
  3. We will strip and assess your unit and determine the repairs required.
  4. We will send you a report that will include a comprehensive description as well as photographs of the repairs required. This will include our quotation.
  5. Approve the quotation and confirm go-ahead with your official Purchase Order.
  6. Should you decide not to repair, a ‘strip & quote’ fee will be charged for the assessment.


Click here to view a sample report

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