Our Values

Harlequin International (GH) Ltd - Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost of Engineering Hydraulic Services in Ghana, Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania


The SAFETY of employees, contractors and site visitors is a key element of all Harlequin activities and our QHSE Program begins with the leaders at Harlequin. A dedicated QHSE team integrates and implements company and third party QHSE policies and procedures. Through continuous reporting, risk assessment and auditing, the QHSE team ensures that all operations are conducted in a safe and secure manner.

We pride ourselves on relentless efforts to deliver projects that conform to the highest international industry standards of QUALITY and workmanship. In order to continually achieve Zero Defect deliveries, Harlequin subscribes to a proactive work ethic that includes meticulous record keeping, certified weld procedures, continuous investment in training & equipment and a workforce equally dedicated to the work that we do.

On-Time-Delivery forms a critical cornerstone of Harlequin values and customer DELIVERY timelines guide each project. Every effort is made to exceed delivery expectations and Harlequin is well-known for early delivery, particularly within fabrication projects. Extenuating circumstances or events beyond reasonable control do occur and these are managed with careful planning, communication and integrity.

Harlequin’s guarantee and reputation of superior workmanship, quality and support, translates to getting what you pay for. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, doing a job right, the first time. The COST of Harlequin’s services is proportionate to the value we offer.

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