Riser Services

Harlequin Riser Services offers full-service capabilities to clients requiring inspection, transportation, maintenance & repair as well as storage facilities for marine drilling risers and equipment.

The 20 234 m2 Takoradi site offers a comprehensive in-country marine riser repair and storage facility.  Low in-country storage fees and the ability to offer servicing, inspection and repair services negates the need for clients to export risers to neighboring countries, resulting in significant cost savings.  With integrated aftermarket capability, Harlequin offers full riser support in the most demanding environments.

Harlequin is proud to have worked alongside numerous OEM’s with all classes of inspections.

Our certified engineers, together with certified calibration inspection equipment, are based in Takoradi and prepared to work with you on any and all riser services required.

Harlequin riser service capabilities include:
  • Maintenance, preservation and storage
  • Repair and refurbishment of Shaffer, HMF, MR-6 & MR-10 Risers
  • Annual Inspections
  • Two year Inspections & Maintenance
  • Ten year major Inspections & Maintenance
  • All inspections are performed by qualified and experienced inspection engineers and NDE technicians
  • All repairs are carried out by trained and experienced machinists, ASME coded welders and mechanical fitters
  • Qualified welding procedures
  • Full Tear-Down, Blast, Paint and Reassembly capabilities
  • Buoyancy inspection, refurbishment and repair


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