Our Facility


  • 2 Storey Office Complex
  • Fabrication Workshop
  • Power House
  • Canteen
  • Hydraulic Workshop
  • Engineering Workshop
  • Blasting & Coating Workshop
  • 6- acre Riser Hotel/Laydown area
  • Lincoln Repair Workshop
  • Security Post/Ablution Block / 1st Aid Room


A total floor area of 30,000 m2

  • We have a dedicated area for Shot Blasting and Coating Activities
  • Area for Marine Riser Laydown and Storage / Inspection and Repair work
  • Area for Marine Riser Buoyancy Inspection and Repairs
  • Area for other various works that are done outside the three main workshops


A total floor area of 4800m2

  • A dedicated Metrology room for inspection and calibration of all measuring equipment.
  • Temperature controlled storage facility for welding consumables.
  • Overhead cranes (total combined lifting capacity of 105T)
  • Bay 3 (outer aisle) we have 2 x 15T gantry cranes
  • Bay 2 (center aisle) we have 2 x 30T gantry cranes
  • Bay 1 (inner aisle) we have 1 x 15T gantry crane
  • All cranage within this workshop has a floor to crane hook work height of 10.5m.
  • Structural and Piping fabrication scopes are carried out in this workshop as well as work scopes such as customer equipment inspections, overhauls and repairs.


A total floor area of 800m2

  • Stripping and assembly beds
  • Honing machine
  • Test bays
  • Specialized plating equipment for local repair works such as high-speed nickel, cobalt, chrome etc.
  • Lathes/Grinding machines
  • Other hydraulic related service equipment


A total floor area of 800m2

  • Overhead crane- 15T (hook to floor height 5m)
  • A variety of CNC lathe machines, Milling, Drilling and Cutting machines as well as manual operated equipment and other various mobile equipment for site / field work such as line boring, Milling, Flange Facing etc.
  • All kinds of equipment and components have been manufactured within this workshop including pins, couplings, flanges, pulleys, drive shafts and various materials.