Brush Plating

Advantages of Brush Plating :

What is Brush Plating?

Brush plating is an electrochemical process that uses systems to electroplate, anodize, and electro-polish localized areas on both OEM components and parts that need coatings for repair and dimensional restoration.

Brush systems are portable. Unlike their tank counterparts, brush plating systems use very small volumes of solution and hand-held tools to apply the deposits and coatings onto localized areas. These hand-held tools are covered with an absorbent material that is saturated with a solution and then brushed or rubbed against the part. Brush plating requires different hand-held tools for each different solution in the operation.

A portable power pack provides the direct current required for all the processes. The power pack has at least two leads. One is connected to the tool and the other is connected to the part. The direct current supplied by the power pack is used in a circuit that is completed when the tool is touching the work surface.

The work surface is prepared using the same types of tooling and equipment that are used for the final finishing operation. As with a tank plating process, brush plating requires good preparation of the work surface to produce an adherent deposit.